Get Personal in Your Home Decor and Get Unique

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Eternal union frame

Have that special moment sealed on a frame, whether first or twentieth anniversary, and opt for Our Love Story Frame. Place an image from the first kiss to the wedding day or honey moon. Include a special message for others to read. Perfect to hang on the wall or place on a shelf.

Bring Disney home

Show your love for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with a personalized Jim Shore Disney Traditional Beauty and the Beast Snow Globe. Vibrant colors of confetti snowflakes move around when the globe is shaken. Give this stunning globe life and include a special message in the front plate.

Showcase your love

Consider a personalized Couple Shadow Box Frame. Have fun and place your favorite two 3.5” x 5” pics and 2.5” x 2” pictures. Make this special, include pictures from your relationship and don’t forget to add both of your names on the plate inside. Looks great in the living room on top of a side table or a shelf.

Keep the love coming

Make it personal and plaster your relationship everywhere in an Intertwined Hearts 4X6 Album. Cherish this treasure and fill it up with wedding and other special moments pictures.  A very elegant album that will draw your guest’s attention. Looks good on your side table next to the main lover’s sofa.

Entertain the guests

Keep guests interested and entertained with a personalized Wood Poker set. Get ready to play, shuffle, and amaze with this perfect poker set game. Keep it personal and add a special message in the glass. Goes great in your center table.

Unique vase

Display your welcoming and inviting message in a European Pineapple Cut Crystal Vase. Made from crystal, with a unique pineapple design to showcase your favorite roses or tulips. A stunning vase that will sparkle in your living room or dinner table.

Great scent

Give your home a pleasing scent, and opt for a Vanilla Orchid Scented Candle jar with Glass Dome. Use it as a centerpiece, add a name or special message on the front and back of the glass cloche. Looks great placed in the entrance.

Fun wall art

Since you didn’t get many special gifts in your bridal shower, opt for a personalized Marriage Wall Art. Relieve your marriage, share the joy and include both of your names. Goes perfect on your living room wall.

One-of-a-kind clock

Get a special clock in a glossy mahogany wood finish and place on top of your home desk and other rooms. Add a great message to keep you inspired. High quality clock that is durable and will get others asking about the engraved message.

Transition from a house to home

Make your guests feel welcomed and get a Baldwin Antique Brass Doorknocker. Traditional looking and personalized by you. Engrave a special message on the front that says “welcome, my home is your home.”

Visit Things Remembered, make it personal and get decor that speaks about you.